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Wine Room Refrigeration Cooling

Before purchasing your wine racking, you need to make sure your wine room stays cool. We have specific guidelines to help you achieve that goal.

Get a free heat calculation to figure out the right wine cellar cooling unit for you.


Wine Refrigeration Filters:


Self Contained

Self Contained units are all-in-one systems that cycle air through the wine cellar and exhaust heat from the back. Self Contained units are the most cost effective option for many collectors as they require less space than split systems. Most all-in-ones will require a power source and somewhere to drain condensate to.

WhisperKOOL SC PRO 2000

Starting at $2,916.00

WhisperKOOL SC PRO 3000

Starting at $3,177.00

WhisperKOOL SC PRO 4000

Starting at $3,419.00

WhisperKOOL SC PRO 8000

Starting at $4,072.00

WhisperKOOL Slimline LS

Starting at $3,269.00

WhisperKOOL Extreme 3500ti

Starting at $4,885.00

WhisperKOOL Extreme 5000ti

Starting at $5,531.00

WhisperKOOL Extreme 8000ti

Starting at $5,980.00

CellarPro 1800 Series

CellarPro 1800 XTSx - #1652

Starting at $2,395.00

CellarPro 3200 VSI CPRO-3200VSI

CellarPro 3200VSI - #1616

Starting at $4,395.00

CellarPro 4200VSX 4200 Series

CellarPro 4200VSx

Starting at $4,795.00

CellarPro 4200VSI 4200 Series

CellarPro 4200 VSi - #1079

Starting at $4,495.00

Breezaire WKCE1  WKCE1

Breezaire WKCE1

Starting at $1,690.00

Breezaire WKCE2

Breezaire WKCE2

Starting at $1,890.00

Breezaire WK 1060 Wine Cooling Unit

Breezaire WKL1060

Starting at $1,685.00

Breezaire WK 2200 Wine Cooling Unit

Breezaire WKL2200

Starting at $1,880.00

Breezaire WK 3000 Wine Cooling Unit

Breezaire WKL3000

Starting at $2,375.00

Breezaire WK 4000 Wine Cooling Unit

Breezaire WKL4000

Starting at $2,762.00

Breezaire WK 6000 Wine Cooling Unit

Breezaire WKL6000

Starting at $3,261.00

Breezaire WK 8000 Wine Cooling Unit

Breezaire WKL8000

Starting at $3,486.00

PRO Series - DP25 Base Model

Starting at $5,580.00


Ducted systems are perfect for wine collectors who want the cellar to be as quiet and vibration free as possible. Ducted wine coolers sit in an adjacent room and gently circulate air through insulated ductwork. These systems have become extremely popular as an alternative to a split system because they offer the quiet performance of a split without having to run refrigerated line-sets to a second unit.


Ductless systems are connected by small cables and a refrigerant line to an indoor or outdoor condenser with a wine cellar unit to cool your cellar.

Breezaire WKSL2

Breezaire WKSL2

Starting at $2,890.00

Breezaire WKSL4

Breezaire WKSL4

Starting at $3,561.00

CAB018 Base Model with Coated Evap coil

Starting at contact us for quote

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