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Terms and Conditons

Wine Racks Lifetime Warranty

Wine Rack Concepts manufacturer warrants its wine racks to be free from defects due to workmanship or material under normal use and service, for as long as the original owner lives in the residence. If the product is defective due to workmanship or materials, Wine Rack Concepts manufacturer will at its option, repair or replace the product free of charge. This warranty covers Wine Rack Concepts manufacturers line of wood racking kits and custom wine cellars.

Custom Orders Policy

Custom wine storage units, custom racking and all doors are built to order. As a result of the custom nature of the product, neither individual components nor completed product can be placed back into inventory and used for another customer.
Custom wine cellars, cabinets, doors, and any other custom items are not returnable for any reason as they are manufactured per customer request to their own specific requirements. If the Purchaser would like to cancel the cellar before it is shipped, the Purchaser will be refunded based off how much product has been produced by the time the request to cancel is initiated. The refund amount will less a design fee and the cost of any material that has been manufactured/cut. In the event that the amount of material that has been cut exceeds the deposit on hand, The Purchaser agrees to pay Wine Rack Concepts the remainder due to cover the costs of said material. The Purchaser will have the option to have the finished material shipped to the address of their choice at their expense or simply request Wine Rack Concepts to discard the material at no additional charge to The Purchaser.

Wood Color Disclaimer

The wood samples shown on our website are a generalized rendering of the specific wood species. Due to photo pixel density, monitor color and light settings, we cannot guarantee that your final product will be an exact match to the colors represented on this site. If you would like to see an actual wood sample, please contact us today and we'll send one to you.

Shipping Policy

All packages should be opened and inspected upon delivery. If you believe a package received from us was damaged in transit, please contact Wine Rack Concepts to inform us of the situation and to make arrangements to service your needs.

For damage claims, all of the original shipping cartons, packing and contents must be made available for our inspection and retained until the claim is concluded. Missing cartons, packaging or contents may result in a denial of a damage claim.

At time of order, you will be provided an estimated ship date. We will do everything within reason to ship your product based on this estimate date, but this is only an estimate, and is subject to change based on a number of variables. If the production time should change on your order, you will be notified as soon as possible with the new estimated date. The company accepts no liability for any claims or damages caused by the change in estimated shipping date. You understand and agree no financial compensation whatsoever will be provided for this.

If you have elected to pay an additional fee to expedite and accelerate the timetable for your order, we will do everything within reasonable business practices to meet the requested ship/delivery date. Should we be unable to meet expedited ship/delivery date you are eligible for a full refund of the expedited fee. You may not cancel the contract for a custom order. The company accepts no further liability for any claims or further damages resulting in any delays caused by missing the expedited delivery/shipment date.

You understand that we do not have our own delivery system. We select what we believe to be the most reliable freight carriers. We will notify you when your product has shipped and provide tracking information related to that carrier. We cannot guarantee that your product will be timely delivered once it is in the possession of the freight carrier. You may not cancel the contract for a custom cellar. The company accepts no further liability for any claims or further damages resulting in any delays caused by missing the expedited shipping/delivery date. You understand and agree no financial compensation whatsoever will be provided for this.

Final payment will be collected no later than 7 days after the order production has been completed. Customers with orders unpaid after 7 days will be charged $200 per day for storage fee. This fee is charged to us from the shipping companies and will need to be paid before final delivery.

There are a variety of shipping options available to you. If the shipping that was specified for your order does not meet your need, then discuss with your representative to find out the cost for changes to the shipping method. The following definitions are to help clarify your options.

a) Standard shipping - If shipped via FedEx ground delivery please review their website for definitions of current transit times, list of services. Understand the driver will take the boxes to your front door, but is under no obligation to place product inside your residence.



b) Standard shipping via common carrier: Larger orders and packages may ship via common carrier. The definition of standard shipping is that a 48' or 53' semi-truck will deliver the product to the bottom of your driveway. You are responsible for unloading it off the truck and taking it to the desired location inside your business or residence.

c) Common carrier you can request inside delivery and liftgate: The driver will take the product down of the truck and place the skid inside your garage or any other reasonable location he can reach utilizing a skid mover.

d) Small Truck delivery: A truck smaller than 48', typically a 38' box truck will deliver to your driveway, typically needed in remote or restricted areas.

e) 2-man delivery: If you would like the product removed off the truck and individual boxes loaded into your garage or the first area of access inside your doorway then you will want a 2-man delivery.

f) White Glove Service; If you want the product taken off the truck, carried to any destination in your residence or business so that you or someone assigns are not required to do so, then you will want a white glove service quoted out.

30 Day Return Policy for Kits

At Wine Rack Concepts, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer experience by offering quality products and services. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we would like the opportunity to work with you to resolve your issues and ensure that your experience with Wine Rack Concepts is a positive one. In the event that you still wish to return your product, please read the Wine Rack Concepts return policy

Return Policy for Kits

All returns must be initiated within 30 days of receipt of the product as long as you have not assembled the product. You are responsible for properly packaging the products to be returned and for delivering the product back to the manufactures ship address for Wine Rack Concepts. You are responsible for any damage to your product during return shipment. Once the product has been returned and inspected you will be credited back the original purchase price, minus the original shipping charge to deliver the product to you and a 15% restocking fee. If there is damage to the product upon receipt there will be additional deductions from the credit you are due based on the amount of damage once reviewed. There will be no returns accepted from outside the 48 contiguous Untied States.

Custom Wooden Doors

Wine Rack Concepts manufacturers hand crafted entry and interior doors are some of the best in the business and our warranty reflects how good that craftmanship is.

Door/Jamb Limited Warranty

All exterior & interior doors manufactured for Wine Rack Concepts (Except those expressly excluded from this warranty by the manufacturer) are guaranteed by the manufacturer for (1) one year from date of shipment to be of good material and workmanship and to be free from defects at the time of shipment that would render them unserviceable or unfit for ordinary purposes for which each door is recommended. The warranty is transferable and non-prorated and only applies to the construction of the door not the finish.

One Year Limited Warranty on Factory Prefinish

Our manufacturer warrants the factory prefinish and our Custom Wood Doors for one year. Should the factory prefinish be proven defective, we will at our option refinish the door or pay up to $250.00 for an interior door and up to $350.00 for an exterior door to the current owner.

Wine Rack Concepts manufacturer will as its option, either (1) repair any door without charge, or (2) replace any door without charge in the same stage of fitting and/or finishing as the manufacturer originally supplied, if the door is found not to comply with this warranty. In the case of a defect reasonably discoverable by inspection of each upon receipt of shipment, written notice must be given within thirty (30) days thereafter and before the door is hung or treated in any manner. Any claims after such 30-day thereafter and before the warranty shall not apply to doors repaired or replaced without Wine Rack Concepts prior written approval.

Certain ornamental details not affecting the structural soundness of the door that would be considered defects in standard applications of the material are used intentionally and add uniqueness and character. It is important to understand that natural properties and characteristics such as size and occurrence of knots, differences in the color, texture and grain pattern of wood are subjective determinations not covered under warranty.

Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, Wine Rack Concepts shall not pay for the cost of labor, installation, or finishing of the replacement or original door or for any other cost relating to the replacement of the door. All of which shall be the sole responsibility of the person making the warranty claim. Other conditions the warranty does not extend to, includes:

1.- Unsatisfactory service or appearance caused by failure to follow the Installation and Finish Maintenance Instructions set forth herein is not covered by this warranty.

2.- The appearance of field-finished doors is not covered in any event.

3.- Natural variations in the color or textured of the wood, including sap pockets and mineral streak are not considered to be defects.

4.- Warp of less than 1/4'' in any 3/6 x 7/0 section of the door. Warp is any distortion in the door itself, and does not refer to the relation of the door to the frame or jamb in which it is hung. The term warp shall include bow, cup and twist. In measuring the amount of warp, a customer should place a straight edge, taut wire or string on the suspected concave face of the door at an angle (i.e., horizontally, vertically or diagonally) with the door in its installed position. The management of bow or string and face of the door. If the claimed defect is warp, Wine Rack Concepts may defer repairing or replacing the door for a period of up to twelve (12) months from the date of claim. The deferral will not be counted against the warranty period. Note: This warranty excludes all doors over 4/0 wide or 9/0 in height, 1-3/4'' thick doors over 3/6 in width and 8/0 in height and all doors over 2-1/4'' thick.

5.- Doors not hung plum and level or secured properly on the job by the door installer.

6.- Damage caused by others or by any cause beyond the control of Wine Rack Concepts, including but not limited to damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident, improper framing, mishandling or by fire, flood, earthquake, storm or other natural acts.

7.- Knot placement, quality, or size found on door.

8.- Damage caused by failure to comply with the handling, job finish and installation instructions provided by Wine Rack Concepts to include but not limited to damage caused by failure to seal all six (6) sides of the door within fourteen (14) days of delivery. Primer is not a sealer.

9.- Failure to perform normal homeowner 's maintenance, including maintaining the finish (factory or non-factory finish)

10.- Panel movement (shrinkage) of 1/4'' or less. Temperature and humidity may cause the wood panels in your doors to shrink, leaving and unstained line along the panel edge unless factory finished. The panels in your door have been designated to “float''.

11.- Damage caused by temperature buildup where a storm door is utilized. Storm doors must be vented to eliminate temperature buildup.

12.- Slight expansion or contraction due to varying environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity.

13.- Separation of joint that does not exceed 1/16''.

14.- Doors with an overhang of less than 8/0.

15.- Doors shipped out of the continental United States are not warranted.

16.- Wood sills.

17.- Water infiltration

18.- Lodge series doors

19.- Interior doors found in exterior applications


1.- Wine Rack Concepts manufacture agrees to repair or replace doors that fail in materials or workmanship, or have warped (bow, cup or twist) more than a 1/4'' inch in a 42-by-84-inch section.

2.- Special warranty will be in effect during Life of installation of Interior Doors only.


1.- The insulated glass is warranted for seal failure for a period of two (2) years. The Warranty does not cover glass breakage, glass color, bent glass, decorative/art type glass, distortion, minor glass imperfections that do not affect the normal vision or product performance and the imperfection shall not be detectable at a distance greater than 10 feet. Any other failures or operating difficulties due to accident, improper or insufficient handling, storage, installation, maintenance or service. Handle with clean gloves, and do not drag doors across one another or across other surfaces.

2.- Store flat on a level surface in a dry, well ventilated building. Door slabs must not be leaned on walls at an angle. Cover to keep clean, but allow air circulation.

3.- The utility or structural strength of the door must not be impaired in the fitting of the door, the application of hardware, or cutting and altering the door for lights, louvers, panels or any other special details.

4.- The discoloration or rust of decorative metal accent options, (Grills, Clavos, Straps, etc)


1.- Doors should not be subjected to: abnormal heats, extreme dryness, humid conditions or sudden changes herein. They should be conditioned to average prevailing relative humidity of the locality before hanging; they should not be left in an open garage during home and construction.

2.- When hanging a door, allow adequate clearance for swelling of door or frame in extremely damp weather. All glazed doors should be hung with the removable wooden glass beads facing the interior side of the opening.

3.- Avoid cutting doors down in width. Use designated sizes. If width is necessary, do not trim over 1/4'' per side. Use a sharp, fine tooth saw for trimming the ends. Top and bottom rail may be trimmed no more than 1/2''. (Must be sealed immediately after trimming).

4.- The utility or structural strength of the door must not be impaired in the fitting of the door, the application of the hardware, or cutting and altering the door for lights, louvers, panels or any other special details. Use three hinges on doors 7/0 in height or less, use four hinges on doors over 7/0 in height. Hinges must be set in a straight line to prevent distortion. Be sure that jambs and stops are set perfectly square and plumb.


1.- Deliver door(s) to building site after plaster or cement is dry. If doors are stored at job site for more than three days all edges must be sealed. Primer is not a sealer.

2.- Immediately after hanging and not to exceed 72 hours on the job, the entire door including the top an bottom edges must receive two coats of a good grade of oil based mixed paint, varnish or lacquer. Adequate drying time must be allowed between coats. Some species of wood contain a chemical (oak particularly), which reacts unfavorably with certain finishes. Where possible, the surface should be tested for such unfavorable reactions. Application of sealer before finishing will usually prevent this difficulty. Do not use a water-thinned paint unless an oil base prime coat is first applied. Exterior finishes shall be used on the exterior face and all edges of exterior doors.

3.- Before finishing, a thorough hand sanding using 180g and 220g sandpaper is required at the job site to remove handling marks, oil residue from fingerprints, surface blemishes and other slight imperfections. Clean before applying sealer or finish.


1.- All finished doors require regular maintenance to keep the finish looking as new as possible. Interior doors must be dusted regularly with a damp, not wet cloth to remove dust and other particles. Most exterior door finished deteriorates rapidly; therefore, clear oil must be applied to the door as needed.

There are no warranties that extend beyond the warranties described on the face hereof, and the manufacturer 's sole responsibility under this warranty is as stated herein. Wine Rack Concepts shall not be liable for consequential, indirect or incidental damages, nor for any amount in excess of the manufacturer 's price for the door involved, whether the claim is for breach of warranty or negligence.

This warranty sets forth Wine Rack Concepts and their manufacturers maximum liability for its products. Wine Rack Concepts and it manufacture makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose with respect to its products except as it is set forth above. In no instance shall Wine Rack Concepts or its manufacturer be responsible for indirect, consequential or incidental damages. This warranty shall be governed by California law.

LED Ribbon Lighting Warranty

Limited One Year Warranty
Wine Rack Concepts manufacturer warrants the LED ribbon lighting to be free from defects due to workmanship or material under normal use and service, for one (1) year from the initial ship date. LED Ribbon Lights are rated for approximately 50,000 hours of run time. We will guarantee these lights function for six months from the date of installation.

Characteristics Excluded from These Warranties

The following are not defects in workmanship or material and are not covered by this written warranty:

1). LED's are subjected to voltage or current, either forward or reverse, beyond the manufacturers published specifications.

2). Pressure breaks.

3). Extreme heat or cold.

4). Exposure to liquid, chemicals, or solder damage.

5.) LED Kelvin (K) variations. Kelvin ratings (K) measure the color temperature of light. The LEDs are assigned a color Kelvin range of 4000K +/- 500K, all of which are considered within the "warm white" color range. We cannot guarantee the LEDs for a cellar are all going to have the exact same number of Kelvins because most LEDs have a Kelvin variance of +/- 500K.
Limitations and Exclusions
This warranty sets forth Wine Rack Concepts manufacturers maximum liability for its products. This warranty does not
cover products that are not Wine Rack Concepts LED's, Acts of God, and products subjected to conditions outside
their design limitations.

Should a LED system fail to conform to this Limited Warranty, Wine Rack Concepts will, at its option, either repair
the LED's, ship a replacement set of LED's to the distributor or person making the warranty claim in the same
condition of fitting or finishing as the LED was originally sold by Wine Rack Concepts to the distributor or person,
or refund the original purchase price paid to Wine Rack Concepts for the LED's.

In no event shall Wine Rack Concepts pay for the cost of labor, installation or finishing of the replacement or
original LED's or for any other cost relating to the replacement of the LED's. All visible defects or mistakes in
shipment must be reported to Wine Rack Concepts by the end user before the product is installed, otherwise the
product shall be deemed correct and/or acceptable.

Cellar Pro Cooling Units Return Policy and Warranty

Return Policy
If you are not completely satisfied with your CellarPro purchase, you may return it within 30 days for an exchange, refund or credit. To initiate a return, call us at 1.800.229.9813. Merchandise must be returned in new condition, upright and in its original packaging. Unless the wrong item was shipped due to CellarPro 's error, you are responsible for arranging the return shipment of the product, original shipping charges will not be refunded and a 25% restocking fee will be assessed.

We reserve the right to deny a full refund of the purchase price if the returned item is damaged or shows signs of wear and tear. If an item is returned with damage, the cost to repair or replace the item will be deducted from the refund. Therefore, we recommend insurance when you arrange for the return shipment of the product.
Returned merchandise should be shipped to:

CellarPro Cooling Systems
1445 N. McDowell Blvd
Petaluma, CA 94954

Phone: 707-794-8000

In the Event of Freight Damage

You are responsible for inspecting the wine cooling unit upon delivery. In the event it arrives with damage, you must contact us immediately. Failure to follow these instructions may result in a denied insurance claim and/or billings for nonrefundable freight charges.
Purchaser understands and agrees to all warranty information related to CellarPro products as listed at https://www.cellarprocoolingsystems.com/limited-warranty

Vinotheque Wine Cabinets | Whisperkool Units Return Policy and Warranty

This policy applies to the cooling systems and wine cabinets developed under the Vinotheque name (WhisperKOOL Extreme Series, WhisperKOOL OLT Series, Split Systems, and Wine Cabinets). Cooling systems can be returned within 30 days of the original date of purchase. Wine Cabinets can be returned within 30 days of delivery. Shipping costs will not be refunded and a restocking fee equal to 25% of the sub-total (excluding taxes and shipping) will be charged. The customer will be responsible for arranging and paying for the return shipment of the cooling unit or wine cabinet. Vinotheque Wine Cellars will not process the refund described until the product has reached our factory.
Storage Charge
If you choose not to have your product shipped to you immediately when it is completed, or if you are interested in picking up your products yourself, then Wine Cellar Innovations will store your product at our warehouse at no additional charge for up to 7 calendar days from the initial date you are informed your product has been completed. On the 8th calendar day your order will start to accumulate storage fees in the amount of $.10 per pound/ per day. Your order will not be release until all payments have been received, including the additional storage charges. If the amount of your storage charges exceeds the payments that Wine Cellar Innovations has received, then product is subject to forfeiture.
Purchaser understands and agrees to all warranty information related to Vinotheque products as listed at https://whisperkool.com/warranty-information/

Wine Guardian Cooling Units Return Policy and Warranty

Storage Charge
A 1% per month storage fee will apply to all units and / or parts which are stored at our facilities.
Prices do not include freight nor any duties for international shipments. All shipping will be FOB North Syracuse, New York 13212. Shipments must be inspected promptly upon receipt. No claims for damaged merchandise nor missing parts or other errors will be accepted unless written notice thereof is given to Wine Guardian within 30 days after shipping date.
Returned goods are subject to a 20% re-stocking charge and any cost of reconditioning. Prior authorization by Wine Guardian must be granted and returned goods must be shipped freight pre-paid. Custom units built to buyer specifications may not be returned nor canceled.

NOTE Wine Guardian reserves the right, without prior notice, to make any changes and revisions in product specifications, design, materials and cost at our sole discretion.
Wine Guardian Through-The-Wall Return Policy
Purchaser agrees to be bound by the return policy for the Wine Guardian Through-The-Wall Return Policy as listed at https://wineguardian.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/TTW_Return_Policy_rev_10-5.pdf
Wine Guardian Through-The-Wall Warranty
Purchaser agrees to be bound by the warranty for the Wine Guardian Through-The-Wall Return Policy as listed at https://wineguardian.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/TTW-Warranty-Rev.02-13.pdf
Wine Guardian Ducted - Split System - Humidifier
Purchaser agrees to be bound by the warranty for the Wine Guardian Ducted - Split System - Humidifier warranty as listed at https://wineguardian.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Warranty-DuctedSSHum-Rev.-3-12.pdf
If there are any issues in relation to this project that cannot be resolved within 90 days of the start of resolution discussions, then all claims concerning this order shall be arbitrated in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. Parties agree that arbitrator shall have exclusive and original jurisdiction on any dispute and/or claims by either party.

If any clause or provision of the Purchase Order Contract should be determined to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable under present or future laws effective during the term of the Purchase Order Contract, then, it is the express intention of the parties hereto that the remainder of the Purchase Order Contract shall not be affected thereby, and it is also the express intention of the parties that in lieu of each clause or provision of the Purchase Order Contract which may be determined to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, there may be added as part of the Purchase Order Contract a clause or provision as similar in terms of such illegal, invalid or unenforceable clause or provision as may be possible and be legal, valid and enforceable.

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